IPR – Intellectual property rights disclosures

This page provides an overview about what intellectual property rights (IPR) disclosures have been filed in regards to DNS-AS

AppFT: Applications
PatFT: Patents

United States Patent Application US20160164825A1
Riedel; Wolfgang Arno ;   et al. June 9, 2016

Policy Implementation Based on Data from a Domain Name System Authoritative Source

Methods and systems for implementing network traffic policies. A domain name system (DNS) infrastructure is accessed to obtain metadata associated with a destination address of a traffic flow; the traffic flow is classified by the destination address and the metadata; and a policy is applied to the traffic flow, wherein the policy is determined on the basis of the classification of the traffic flow.

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United States Patent Application US20160164826A1
Riedel; Wolfgang Arno ;   et al. June 9, 2016

Policy Implementation at a Network Element based on Data from an Authoritative Source

In an embodiment, at a network element in a network, a domain name query is intercepted from a client. Metadata associated with a network application or service that is the object of the domain name query is obtained from a domain name system server. A policy is determined to enforce, based on the metadata, and the policy is enforced with respect to the client’s access of the network application or service.

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