Evolution of AVC

AVC – Vision and Strategy

Network As a Sensor for Application Assurance

  • Easy Deployment & Manageability of Applications in the Network
  • Deliver Seamless Quality of Experience for Business Apps in the Network
  • Drive SIMPLICITY – Abstract Network Complexity from Business Policies
  • Lead with Flexible & Programmable Network Solutions in a fast-paced Application World

End to End AVC

Use Cases

Know Applications (includes Growing Encrypted apps) In Your Network Granularly

Needs Support across various PINS – Wireless, UA, WAN/Internet edge, Core, DC, Security

Application Level Reporting

Visibility, Capacity Planning, Reporting on LAN & WAN

Application Level Troubleshooting and Easy Fault Isolation

Zoom in on “Where The Problem Is” for business applications – could be ANYWHERE!

Business Level Policy Enforcement

E2E QoS & ACL (any Policy) enforcement – Drop “selectively”, Access Marking & Core/WAN Queuing

Network Readiness for Application Deployment

“Readiness Assessments” – Determine readiness for Application Deployment at planned scale

Network Data Analytics

Use Application Information to Drive Network Data Analytics – e.g. CMX/ wireless scenarios

App-Aware Domain Based Routing

To support cloud apps breakouts to the Internet based on app-aware Routing policies

Why End to End Application Visibility and Assurance?

Wireless (WLC, AP), Converged Access2/3+ clients connect via wireless (per latest VNI stats); Need to classify/mark at the edge;
90%+ still deploying centralized WLCs; Prevent scavenger apps from getting too deep!
Block/Mitigate heavy hitters over shared (half duplex), second most congested medium!
Distribution, CoreTroubleshooting – analyze traffic utilization (packet captures)
Domain based routing starting at L3 Distribution for cloud apps (ITeS use case)
WAN EdgePremium Links & Limited Bandwidth – Need Capacity Planning & Optimal allocation for apps
Internet EdgeCloud migration – Need for DIA and first packet classification for cloud apps
Wired Access1/3 traffic still wired; 60-70% is voice/video with low latency requirements. Waiting till WAN is too late! Classification of this traffic known to be cumbersome today (port/subnet based)
Data Center/Server FarmApps reside in DC – need to identify app level performance issues in multi-tiered client-server design
Firewall, Perimeter SecurityEntry Point (check what apps to allow) – Filter Applications/Users – URL filtering
MSP EdgeProvide Application Level SLA – Managed Services

How End to End Application Visibility and Assurance?

Requirements for Future Application Identification:

We need an

Authoritative · LightWeight · Unambiguous

way to identify applications.

We then need to be able to

link that Application Identity to Organizational Policy

for enforcement, accounting, etc.

How can we do this while addressing the challenges noted?