Bottom line
It becomes harder and harder

for us to look into into traffic streams in order to “guess” what the apps are based on snooping traffic.

Summary – Why DNS-AS ?

Blindfolded – Some Light – Clear View

  • Why would I want to make a best guess if I can know?
  • As more CPU cycles you could free up by using DNS-AS as more you have left for running DPI
  • DPI will have a hard time working with encrypted traffic
  • DPI can never work at wire rate and as more throughput we need as less feasible DPI methods become
  • Emerging protocols like SPDY, HTTP/2, QUIC makes it impossible to have a clear AVC view
  • DPI as all other current methods just work if you have direct admin control over the box
  • DNS-AS is single point of administration without the need for having admin control over the network’s in between. As customers will have less and less own networks in the near future this is becoming more and more important to have a “controller” which doesn’t imply having admin control over the ND itself.
  • It’s all about METADATA