DNS-AS Resource Record Generator

Generate AVC Resource Record Data for DNS-AS

This wizard will guide you through the process of creating AVC Resource Data for the AVC RRTYPE being used by DNS-AS.

You have two options:

  • Generate Predefined use this for well know applications using our best practice defaults
  • Generate Custom use this for for your own applications using our own values

Please take note:

  • app-name: ASCII Alphanumeric characters with a length of min 3 and max 24 characters, no whitespace
  • app-id: numeric value between <1-65535> and for DNS-AS custom apps, use the Engine ID CU (custom) therefore the prefix is cu/
Define a TXT record for your Application based on NBAR2 Protocol Pack Taxonomy

QoS Classification based on RFC4594

GENERATED DNS-AS Resource Record

You can now add this DNS-AS Resource Record to your domain’s ZONE file as a TXT record.