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Application Name app-name:<name>

Application Name indicates a name of an application to be used to classify the entity being described. By default, it describes the HOST for which the record belongs.
Please be aware that an Application Name does not equals the protocol! While NBAR classifies applications based on the protocol they’re communication over the Application Name outlines the “spoken name” of that application.

Application names comprise of:

  • Application name with a length of min 3 and max 24 characters
  • No whitespace
  • ASCII Alphanumeric characters
  • The following characters are allowed in addition: ‘-‘ (hyphen)
  • On switches without NBAR the app-name can match the NBAR local taxonomy
  • Custom names for applications are possible

There are two classes of Application Names:

  1. Predefined: if you want to use for matching predefined applications you need to match the NAME being used inside the NBAR taxonomy
  2. Custom: if you want to create a NBAR2 custom application or if the Network Device itself has no NBAR capabilities.